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ShaveCraft Tech – Aggressive Masterpiece 



 Ships with a OSS Handle 




5 reviews for ShaveCraft Tech

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Todd (verified owner)

    This is a truly beautiful, turbo-charged shaving instrument. Don’t be surprised that while there may be some visual connectivity between the iKon model and older Gillettes by the same name, the iKon represents the pinnacle of efficient DE performance. It also requires care and an extremely light touch to minimize any potential issues such as weepers or the perception of pulling/dragging.

    The precise handle-to-head weight ratio allows you to just lightly apply the blade to the face, and let the weight of the razor do all the work. I vary the angles depending on beard growth; some folks may prefer a steeper angle (as I do), but there is plenty of room for experimentation. While there is the inclination to want to spend a long time soaking your beard, showering, etc. before using the Tech, I’d like to note that I don’t shower before I shave, and also use cold water. Still, good prep is essential (face lathering helps), and DE shaving newcomers might want to consider trying a couple of WTG passes for the first few shaves before moving to XTG/ATG. In any case, it’s well worth the investment of practice.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    William (verified owner)

    After only one shave with this razor I can tell I’m going to like it it, is VERY AGRESSIVE, and I had to be very careful. I don’t think I am ready for this to be in my rotation too often yet, but it will be in there.

    The first shave was very slow and careful, no weepers or cuts, I thought I was doing really well, but when I applied my aftershave my face informed me that it was a little bit too close! With this razor you use NO PRESSURE! The feel of the blade on your face will remind you.

    I can tell that this razor will drastically improve my technique! I liked the first shave so as I know that as I learn this one it will just get better.
    I can tell that when my confidence is up and I can go faster I will be rewarded with an excellent shave indeed. Today’s shave was great aside from one problem spot on my neck that I was too afraid to shave closer.

    Happy Shaving!

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    Beautiful razor and very aggressive. I love it!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Top of the line razor. I purchased mine from Maggard with a Bulldog handle, and I daresay the razor is perfect. It demands respect, but if you show it some manners, this will shave you closer than any other DE razor. At least, that’s been MY experience. I love my other efficient razors, but I always felt like they were too mild for my beard after I mastered my technique. I’m part Indian, which means coarse dark beard hair. If I don’t get a close shave, it will be immediately noticeable, which is why I started getting aggressive razors. Well, you don’t get much more aggressive than this. You feel the blade when you shave with this, but it’s comfortable on the skin. It keeps you focused without irritating the skin. I swear, even when I draw blood, I don’t feel any sting with the alcohol aftershave. The shave is effortless, especially if you’ve already used aggressive razors like the Fatip or slant bar razors. I’ll note that because the razor is so efficient, it demands a sharp blade, if not you’ll feel it tug. I seem to get my most comfortable shaves by ditching blades after one use. It’s not necessarily a complaint, since blades are cheap, just something I thought I’d mention. This razor doesn’t disappoint. If you think you have a coarse, stubborn beard, give it a try. You may find that it’s perfectly suited to you.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    jsukosky1 (verified owner)

    i’m very new to wet shaving. Was gifted a Merkur safety razor and at first was pretty ambivalent about it. I didn’t like shaving, but after trying this DE i knew immediately this was uncharted territory for me. Within maybe a week i had ordered a Merkur 34C HD, It gets great reviews, however, the results were not what i was hoping for. After immersing myself in various shaving sites/forums i was intrigued by discussions of aggressive razors and efficiency. I wound up buying a Muhle R41 days later, and was off to the races, so to say. I fell in love with it and knew that this is the kind of instrument i want to use, and master. Then i learn of this almost mythic Ikon Tech…only days after unboxing the R41 and had one of THESE on the way maybe a week after the last purchase. I haven’t bought another razor since, which was only few weeks ago, but i feel that i have reached the zenith. I bought an Ikon bulldog handle for the Tech and put the OSS with my R41. Both are amazing shaves, slightly different, but i give the Tech top place. I do have sensitive skin and prolific facial hair, yet i am able to shave daily with these, though not ATG yet, but even WTG that is saying something, and i get DFS even with limited time. Another thing i now realize is that i must have gotten very lucky to have found a tech in stock when i did a few weeks ago…because at first it was out of stock…then suddenly it was in stock and i was tetering on whether to pull the trigger on this after having just got my R41…and i’m glad i did, cause it hasn’t been in stock in weeks. Obviously this is a very in-demand instrument -and for good reason. I check the site regularly too because i want a back up Tech head for sure.

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