iKon SBS on 85mm Matte Bulldog Handle


iKon SBS on 85mm Matte Bulldog Handle

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SBS Head on 85mm Matte Bulldog Handle

Super Nice !

1 review for iKon SBS on 85mm Matte Bulldog Handle

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    One of the joys of iKon DE razors is the often surprising spectrum of shaving experiences you get with each one. But with that being said – other brands, often taking advantage of a highly experimental (and often well-coined) wet shaving audience – come up short with either cheap copies of older models, or underwhelming (and overpriced) new razors. And there are good ones, but you’re really forking out $200 or more for them.

    And then, there are iKons…razors designed to last generations, with subleties and the right fit for anyone, you just have to find your match. I’ll say one thing – I’m not a reviewer, nor has Greg sent me anything for free, or as a preview. But the iKon razors are a joy to use, and they are clearly designed for a wide spectrum of users. That being said, some of the razors – the ironically named Tech and this one – have a clear connection with experienced razors who are underwhelmed by the current market, and are willing to try out this amazing gear. Like the Tech, I took some time to learn the subleties of the SBS, and enjoy it thoroughly. If you want to experience a well-built, value-driven razor with a “split personality” I can’t recommend the SBS highly enough.

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