X3 Slant Head


X3 Slant Head

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The Best Torqued Production Slant Head on The Market

supplied with 5 pack of DE blades.

6 reviews for X3 Slant Head

  1. Andreas (verified owner)

    This is an extremely well crafted slant razor head. With a heavy iKon handle and a real sharp blade (e.g. Feather) this razor will slice to every facial hair like butter. One has to adjust to little different angle and longer strokes. With this in mind, the X3 will be your go to everyday shaver with BBS guarantee. Worth every Cent. Thanks iKon, an awesome company!

  2. johnsharp3

    I recently purchased the X3 Head with the Bulldog handle. Wow! What a great performing razor!! I have been achieving the closest, most comfortable shaves I have ever had. I’ve been using a Rapira blade and it glides through my whiskers like they aren’t there with no irritation afterwards. The weight and quality of the handle and head are felt when you hold it. A well built, excellent performance from this slant razor. This razor has moved to the top of my rotation and I seriously doubt I could get a better shave with any other razor.
    Thank you Ikon!!

  3. Nicholas Conway (verified owner)

    The iKon X3 was a traditional wet shaving game changer for me. I have studied slant razors for many months and the consensus in the utube DE shaving community is that the X3 is one of the best and most economical slant heads currently available. I couldn’t agree more with all of the reviews out there. I have a very heavy beard and the X3 slices through it with little to no effort. I let the bulldog handle do all the work for me. The post shave feel is smooth and irritation free. Great job iKon!

  4. Pierre

    Purchased the X3 (with 85mm Bulldog handle) from iKon one week ago, I went to slant because the elders of the internet recommended it for coarse stubble and sensitive skin (I was previously using an adustable DE), and shaving daily.
    Shipping was pretty fast. No issue with the head, the fit is very good.
    Shaving is smooth, I get a result a notch or two above my adjustable, with less irritation. Very light pressure was recommended, I followed that.
    The blade makes a lot less noise which is a bit disconcerting, I don’t know if it’s because of the better blade support or the slice effect.
    I still got a few nicks on the lower neck, but otherwise it was quick to adjust to it, I didn’t feel I would hurt myself too easily.
    Really a great product, I’m happy to have switched to slants with this particular model.

  5. Jarukit Long

    Love this razor. Very easy to clean and it cuts well.

  6. dganthony (verified owner)

    I own over two dozen razors and this is my favorite–an incredibly smooth, yet efficient razor. Regardless if I have one or several day’s beard growth, I get zero razor burn. Especially impressive since I have sensitive skin. I’ve paired it with an Astra blade and it works perfectly. I’ve read in the past slant razors aren’t for beginners but don’t really buy into that thinking. If you can use a regular double-edge safety razor, this should be no problem. Go slowly, deliberately, and little pressure. Let the razor do all the work. After trying out different razors for over a year, I’ve finally found my forever razor.

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