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iKon Slant Head

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iKon 2 Part B1 Stainless Steel Slant Head

Our Proprietary B1 Coating Provides Corrosion and Stain Protection:  stainless steel will oxidize and stain, even high grade stainless steel.  iKon’s B1 coating protects the stainless steel from corrosion, oxidation and tea staining, which is common when stainless steel is exposed to tap water, soap and different grades of steel blades.

will work on any iKon manufactured handle




1 review for iKon Slant Head

  1. Joe Stevens

    As far as slants designs go this one is truly a slant, it torques and twists the blade into a postion that provides a super cutting angle. The protective coating really does prevent rust and staining like happens on my ATT razors. I am very happy with my purchase and the super fast shipping that took only 2 days to get to me, the free blades was a nice bonus as well. You could pay more and end up with a hell of a lot less.

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