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iKon B1 Open Comb Deluxe

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This Design Provides What Many Consider the Best of the Best When It Comes to an Open Comb Stainless Steel Safety Razor design.

Our Proprietary B1 Coating Provides Corrosion and Stain Protection:  stainless steel will oxidize and stain, even high grade stainless steel.  iKon’s B1 coating protects the stainless steel from corrosion, oxidation and tea staining, which is common when stainless steel is exposed to tap water, soap and different grades of steel blades.

will work on any iKon manufactured handle

***Med. Aggressive Shave


***You may request 85mm Matte Bulldog Handle as OSS Handle substitute

6 reviews for iKon B1 Open Comb Deluxe

  1. glytch5

    The OSS handle is fantastic. As soon as you get it in your hands, it just feels right. Hard to describe. The knurling is perfect. Tons of traction without feeling like it will get painful with use.

    B1/DLC coating on a safety razor head is an excellent idea. Coming from using pocket/tactical knives for years, I know just how tough and smooth that coating can be. I have yet to really test the strength of my B1 coating… and I don’t plan to but I imagine it will last quite some time, and be okay after taking the occasional bump and smack around the den.

    This open comb has very nice auditory and tactile feedback on the face. A great razor.

  2. Dennis

    This is a modern OC deluxe head but much better in the quality of materials and refinement, the surface coating on the stainless steel is really brilliant and seems iKon is the only company that cares enough or has the proper technology to accomplish.
    As for the shave quality this razor is just the most efficient on the market in any class.

  3. alex22696 (verified owner)

    This is fantastic open comb razor. It gets a very close shave without any nicks. Before I was using open combs from Merkur and Muhle – well known German brands,, but they never get as close as this razor. I don’t know, how they produce the Icon razor, but it looks like a hand made. Very high quality! Worth every penny!

  4. jsukosky1 (verified owner)

    only a couple months into the hobby i have the Ikon Tech and just got the B1 OC deluxe yesterday. I’ve been using super aggressive Tech and 2013 R41 daily with great results. Decided i’d like to try an open comb, and knew going in that the B1 was not going to be anywhere near as aggressive as the tech or R41. Extremely happy with the B1 OC deluxe – first shave this morning was a beauty – popped in one of the Derby Premium blades that arrive with the razor and made quick work of a day of stubble with no cuts or weepers. Having been using the Tech and R41 has taught me to be very gentle, though with the B1 deluxe there is not the type of blade feel so i can worry less about cutting myself. Very comfortable and will be looking forward to using this a lot.

  5. perrydamianj

    I bought this razor from Ikon’s UK Dealer. I am a relative newbie to DE Razors, with sensitive skin and before I used this razor I had suffered from razor burn and bumps.

    This is my first open comb. I paired it with Ikon’s OSS handle and a medium sharpness blade and had an awesome shave.

    It gives a very smooth but efficient shave. My face feels good with no burn and I have a near ‘BBS’ shave after 1 pass and a clean up. I feel confident that with this razor I could get away with a full burn free 2-3 pass shave if I wanted ‘BBS’.

    Razor feel:

    The weight of the razor and the OSS handle felt great, and I could let the ‘weight of the razor do the work’. The OSS handle is a good length and I could just rest it on my pinkie finger and lean it on the rest of my hand. It has a very good grip.

    The OC head lets a good amount of Shaving Cream through which really helped with the smooth shave.

  6. lflucarini

    Molto efficiente senza essere eccessivamente aggressivo. Abbinalo a un manico da 90 mm di peso made in Italy e avrai la perfezione assoluta.

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